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Affinity Lunch Minutes

Performance Dates: February 1-3, 8-10 at 8pm; February 4 at 3pm

When institutional change is needed, what voices will be heard? Can it actually change through its own mechanisms, or will it silence essential voices to sustain its ways? Ben and Jasmine are the only two Black teachers at Penn Valley, a private Quaker school. Jasmine is passionate and boundary pushing, while Ben has worked his way up the ranks at the school to be Diversity Dean thanks to his “agreeable” nature. A racially charged discipline decision ignites a divide at the school and in Jasmine and Ben’s collegial relationship.

Developmental Production

This will be a developmental production which means that it'll be a fully staged play, but the script is not necessarily 'written in stone' (much like the developmental work we had the opportunity to do with Kristin Hanratty and her play "Petty Crimes" last season).

Audition Notice: Affinity Lunch Minutes

Open Auditions: November 11 and 12, 2023 from Noon-3pm (please be signed in by 2pm).
If these dates/times do not work for your schedule, please contact us at info@atgr.org
Location: 2nd floor of Spectrum Theater at 160 Fountain NE. (Follow signs to the SE Student Entrance)

Performance Dates: February 1-4, 8-10