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Paradise Lost

Performance Dates: Stay tuned for updates

The debate over right and wrong has never been so satisfying. This ultra-contemporary new drama is fiercely engaging, irreverently funny, and deeply moving. The 17th century and present day are seamlessly intertwines as Satan vents to an audience about her frustration at being cast out of heaven and her thoughts on oppression. When she finds out that God has created delicate new creatures called "humans," she crafts a plan for revenge and betrayal on the Almighty.

National Premiere


The Cast
Satan: Jean Reed Bahle
Eve: Bryanna Lee
God the Father: Scott Harman
God the Son: Noah King-Bates
Sin/Zephon: Amy McFadden
Beelzebub/Gabriel: Beth Carroll
Moloch/Michael: Jason J. Flannery
Death/Ithuriel: Jude Libner
Belial/Raphael: José Amorós
Astoreth/Urania: Bridgett Vanderhoof
Mammon/Uriel: Madeline Jones

Directed by Richard Perez