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Summer Performance Series: Home: A Musical Journey

Performance Dates: May 20-22

Just saying the word 'home' can elicit very strong and extremely varied feelings. Perhaps feelings of unconditional love, warmth, and comfort...or perhaps a sense of anxiety, or longing, or loneliness... Perhaps it's a visceral taste or smell...

Our artistic team and 6 incredible performers have been digging deep into their own reactions to 'home' and have crafted a stunning musical performance that speaks to the heart of their experiences. It will surely be a powerful and beautiful performance you will not want to miss!

Performers: Lynne Brown Tepper, Brandon (Bee'Kaé) Harris, Jess Luiz, Ruth Ann Molenaar, Kristen Moss, and Michael Stewart.

Artistic Team: Marcus Jordan, Ellie Frances, Larry Young, and Brendan Hollins.

Paradise Lost

Performance Dates: Stay tuned for updates

The debate over right and wrong has never been so satisfying. This ultra-contemporary new drama is fiercely engaging, irreverently funny, and deeply moving. The 17th century and present day are seamlessly intertwines as Satan vents to an audience about her frustration at being cast out of heaven and her thoughts on oppression. When she finds out that God has created delicate new creatures called "humans," she crafts a plan for revenge and betrayal on the Almighty.

National Premiere

Second Space: #thewaterproject

Performance Dates: 2021

Truth. Water. Power. #thewaterproject is a meta-theatrical conversation about Michigan water issues by way of kitchy education videos, anthems of the poverty stricken, water sommeliers, angry cartoon characters, Native American mythology, real life stories of Grand Rapidians, and a classroom travelling through time. Will the Great Lakes region be the most fought over in 2050? Can a water crisis like Flint's occur in our own community? What will it take to activate us?