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Petty Crimes

Performance Dates: March 2-4, 9-11 at 8pm and March 5 at 3pm

Generations and privileges collide in the world premiere of local playwright and attorney Kristin Andrea Hanratty’s new play as we’re all asked: if not all people are treated equally by the system, at what point do we need to bend the system, and at what point does it break?
While high-profile trials occupy the nation’s collective consciousness and determine the fate of billionaires, six strangers from Northern Michigan are summoned to serve on the jury for a trial surrounding a Hispanic teenager’s alleged minor misdeeds. In their confined quarters, the group must grapple not only with the case at hand but what it means to be fair and just in a society that is not just or fair to
everyone. Is it possible to do what’s “right” when the law is black-and-white, but the world is anything but? 

World Premiere after receiving a workshop with Actors' Theatre across 2021-2022

Direction by Fred Sebulske

Audition Notice: Petty Crimes

Because Petty Crimes was workshopped by Actors' Theatre throughout 2021-2022, there will be no open audition at this time. 

Production Staff