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Performance Dates: June 15-17, 21-24 at 8pm

"What if there is something amazing ahead of us, and all we have to do is burn down everything we know to get to it?" This wickedly funny, slyly subversive, contemporary fable debates how much our souls are worth when hope is hard to come by. Mischief is afoot in the sleepy village of Edmonton and the fate of the world is at stake. A charming devil arrives to bargain for the souls of its residents in exchange for their darkest wishes. Elizabeth should be his easiest target, having been labeled a “witch” and cast out by the town, but her soul is not so readily bought. Jen Silverman's play offers a collection of richly drawn characters all forced to confront how their desires are shaped by, and may even be able to do undo, the systems of power that limit them.

Direction by Georgette Verdin

Audition Notice: Witch

Open Auditions: February 4 from 5-8pm and February 5 from noon-3pm
Location: 2nd floor of the Spectrum Theater at 160 Fountain NE.

Performance Dates: June 15-17, 21-24 at 8pm

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