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Hundred Days

Performance Dates: October 6-8, 13-15 at 8pm and October 9 at 3pm

Hundred Days is an uncensored, exhilarating, and heartrending true story about embracing uncertainty, taking a leap, and loving as if you only had 100 days to live. Death will ultimately separate each of us from the ones we love most so how do we make the most of the time that we have and not be paralyzed by fear? With magnetic chemistry and anthemic folk-punk music, creators Abigail and Shaun Bengson have created a truly unforgettable musical theatre experience.

Michigan Premiere

Direction by Kyle Los
Music Direction by Alex Hamel


Aubry Van Antwerp as “Abigail”
TJ Clark as “Shaun”
Ian Brown
Jennifer Collier
Alex Hamel
Alicia Rosario
Danira Stanojevic


Behind-the-scenes of Hundred Days

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