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"Living on the Edge" - 10 Minute Playwriting Festival

Living on the Edge 18: I Am Not My Own

Script submissions: NEW DUE DATE: Monday, October 5, at 8am.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently reworking this series to be safe and as profitable for playwrights (and performers) as possible. We will be launching information as soon as it is put together. Our hope is to have a few opportunities: A pretty "normal" feeling 10-minute play series but with digital performances as well as a script workshop series for a few shows (no length limit).

Stay tuned! Final information will be launched by Monday, September 7.

Scripts must be:
- an original work approximately 10 minutes when performed
- of high-quality
- a story with the season theme: "I Am Not My Own"
- submitted as a .pdf file and include two cover pages (the first including authors name/info and the second with only the title)


I Am Not My Own?
This season we are exploring the idea of "I Am Not My Own". Many of the shows in our 40th season are about personal identity being controlled or commanded by outside forces. These forces may take the shape of other individuals, belief systems, family histories, racial/gender culture, cultural stereotypes, an abusive parent/partner/boss...or, heck...maybe brainwashing, mind controlling software, poisonous water... I cannot wait to see what wonderful stories you all come up with! It's always a joy to read through your submissions with the judges.
-Kyle Los, Executive Director