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Written by Selina Fillinger
Directed by Annelise Dickinson

Audition Dates/Times: Sunday, July 21; Monday, July 22. Sign up here for an audition time. If you are unavailable at one of the listed days/times, please email us at info@atgr.org
Location: Spectrum Theater at 160 Fountain NE.

Performance Dates: September 12-14, 19-21 at 7:30pm; September 15 at 3pm

Audition Requirements:  Pick 2-3 of these monologues and prepare them (these do not need to be memorized but should be well prepared). Be familiar with the characters and the context of the scene, but do not limit your choices of text to the specific characters you're auditioning for (ie, Bernadette will be cast as white and Margaret as Black, but for these auditions everyone is welcome to read any piece that interests you. Callbacks will focus on more specific characters.). Headshots and resumés encouraged. Please be prepared to list any potential schedule conflicts throughout the rehearsal process.

Perusal Script: An online perusal copy of the script can be viewed here.


Characters: All roles are open to individuals of all races and ethnicities (except where explicitly prescribed by the playwright), abilities, body sizes, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses. Trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer actors highly encouraged to audition. All characters in POTUS are female identifying.

Characters (in order of their emotional proximity to POTUS [closest to furthest]):

HARRIET – 30s-60s. Any ethnicity. Chief of Staff. A political bulldog who has chosen every aspect of her life, appearance, and personality in service of her career. A sexless, humorless woman who lives and dies by the polls. Everything is a means to the end. Written to smoke in one scene, handles a handgun, gives Right Hand to Trump Energy

JEAN – 30s-60s. Any ethnicity. Press Secretary. A hawk in a turtleneck. High-strung, quick-witted, can handle any pressroom and sterilize any scandal. A single working mom. Harriet’s more polished and more tactful counterpart. CJ from The West Wing, but with more cynicism and paranoia. Wears heels and a turtleneck, Gives FML Energy.

STEPHANIE – 20s-30s. Any ethnicity. Presidential secretary. An obedient and diminutive employee, terrified of failure and perpetually on the edge of breakdown. Deeply brilliant, just suffers imposter syndrome. So much potential just waiting to be set free. Written to spend several scenes in unflattering underwear, Gives No Energy.

DUSTY – 20s-30s. Any ethnicity. President’s plaything. A glowing, curious, sex-positive girl with a multitude of skills and a bright future. Loves civic duty! Loves democracy! Determined to make the world better! Wears underwear or some sort of scantily clad outfit in a few scenes, dances. 

BERNADETTE – Late 30s-50s. White. President’s sister. A dumpster fire. Strife and mayhem. A coked-up tornado with raw sexual charisma, fiery temper, and fantastic sense of humor. Jean’s kryptonite. A charismatic felon, Masculine Lesbian Energy, smokes.

CHRIS – 30s-40s. Black. A journalist. Overburdened, under-slept, postpartum, newly-divorced, on the brink of irrelevancy. A dogged reporter with much to gain and everything to lose. Wears breast pumps and actively pumps during the show, Single Mom Energy 

MARGARET – 30s-60s. Black. The First Lady. An impeccable combination of high fashion, corporate experience, and legal savvy. Regal, sophisticated, brimming with bitterness and pent-up rage. Goes for the jugular. Considers herself a living example of Black Excellence, gives Ivy League Education Energy, handles a gun.


Synopsis: A delicious feminist farce about the all-female staff that keeps the country out of war and other sticky situations while babysitting the dullard who holds the highest office in our beleaguered land. One four-letter word is about to rock 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. When the President unwittingly spins a PR nightmare into a global crisis, the seven brilliant women he relies upon most risk life, liberty, and the pursuit of sanity to keep the commander-in-chief, and the country, out of trouble.

About the Director:
Annelise Dickinson (she/her) is honored to make her Actors' Theatre directing debut with POTUS. So far this year she’s focused on plays about actual American women, directing Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre and Lizzie, a rock musical about (alleged) Victorian murderess Lizzie Borden, at Aquinas College. A Grand Rapids native, Annelise has built a career as an actor, director, theatre educator, and voice/text coach in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Favorite projects include originating the title role in Muse of Fire’s Queen Margaret (Chicago), playing Prospero in The Tempest at Commission Theatre (Chicago), directing Gruesome Playground Injuries with Theatre In All the Wrong Places (Madison, WI), and playing the titular witch in Witch at Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids in 2023. Annelise is an adjunct professor in the theatre departments of both Aquinas College (where she directed MetamorphosesSez She, and Waiting for Lefty in addition to Lizzie) and Grand Valley State University. She also serves as an instructor and mentor with the Young Artist Studio at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. Annelise holds a BA in Theatre from Purdue University and an MFA in Acting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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