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Living on the Edge: World in the Balance

Performance Dates: November 23

Living on the Edge 17: World in the Balance

Public reading of the top 10 scripts: Saturday, October 19, 11am-1pm (this is a free event)
Performance of the top 5 scripts: Saturday, November 23 [time and more workshop details for the festival weekend to come]

The 5 playwrights whose works are selected for performance will receive $100.


Interested in performing?
Casting directors will be holding an open audition from which an ensemble of actors will be selected to perform in multiple plays. Watch the audition page and Facebook page for more information.


Interested in directing?
Please email your resumé and interest to info@atgr.org


World in the Balance?
This season we are exploring the idea of "World in the Balance". Human population is booming, natural resources are being consumed at incredibly intensifying rates, decency and integrity is cast away for personal monetary gain, and a general value and respect of all things seems to have almost vanished. We’re here in the balance searching for the crux of such issues and in the meantime the effects continue. We see lives suspended in the balance – searching for identity, direction, opportunity, hope, value, liberty…
It is my hope that playwrights will consider exploring such experiences, uncovering truths about lives, and perhaps even offering a glimpse of a potential future - good or bad.

-Kyle Los, Executive Director


About Living on the Edge

Now in its 17th year, "Living on the edge" is a 10-minute play festival. The main aspect is a playwriting competition. Anyone is welcome to submit a script for a 10-minute play which utilizes the each year's unique theme (this season being World in the Balance). A panel of judges narrows the submitted scripts down (based on how well the script draws on the theme, if it is 10 minutes, and quality of writing) and the top 10-15 scripts receive a public read. From there the top 5 scripts are chosen and those 5 scripts receive full performance in November.

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