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by Jen Silverman
Direction by Georgette Verdin

Open Auditions: Dates and times TBD
Location: 2nd floor of the Spectrum Theater at 160 Fountain NE.

Performance Dates: June 15-17, 21-24 at 8pm

Audition Requirements: No headshots and resumés encouraged. Scripts and/or sides will be made available at least one month prior to auditions. Email info@atgr.org for more information. Please be prepared to list any potential schedule conflicts throughout the rehearsal process.

Covid Requirements: All individuals auditioning must be fully vaccinated and boosted.

Characters: All roles are open to individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, body sizes, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses. Trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer actors highly encouraged to audition.

    "Elizabeth Sawyer": Female presenting, 40’s-60’s+, any race/ethnicity. An outcast.

     "Scratch": Male presenting, 20’s-30’s, any race/ethnicity. Charming, sly, the devil.

     "Sir Arthur Banks": Male presenting, 50’s-60’s, any race/ethnicity. A wealthy and powerful man looking for a suitable heir to continue his legacy; commanding; has taken a liking to Frank as a possible heir; he secretly worries about his son, Cuddy, and how to guide him; his softer, more vulnerable side emerges when he talks to the portrait of his late wife.

     "Cuddy Banks": Male presenting, 20’s-30’s, any race/ethnicity. Sir Arthur’s son, painfully shy, a morris-dancer. He is secretly in love with Frank (and also in hate).

     "Frank Thorney": Male presenting, 20’s-30’s, any race/ethnicity. A confident and successful young man, charming and ruthless. His ambition knows no bounds.

     "Winnifred": Female presenting, 20’s-30’s, any race/ethnicity. Sir Arthur’s servant, resigned and pragmatic.

About the Director:
Georgette Verdin (she/her) is a Cuban-American director, arts educator and the 2022 Michael Maggio Directing Fellow at Goodman Theatre. Since 2015, she's served as the Managing Artistic Director of Interrobang Theatre Project, an award-winning storefront theater in Chicago, IL known for its gutsy productions that tackle socially-relevant issues. Georgette is also a proud ensemble member with Rivendell Theatre Ensemble. Select directing credits include: Spay by Madison Fiedler (Rivendell Theatre Ensemble), This Wide Night by Chloë Moss (Shattered Globe Theatre/Interrobang Theatre Project), Tribes by Nina Raine (Western Michigan University), the U.S. Premiere of Out of Love by Elinor Cook, Grace and Recent Tragic Events by Craig Wright, as well as the 2016 Yale Drama Series winner, Utility by Emily Schwend (Interrobang Theatre Project).

Georgette has also worked with Lookingglass Theatre, Facility Theatre, and Chicago Dramatists, among others. Georgette holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA and a Master in Directing from the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. She's a 2021 recipient of a 3Arts Make-A-Wave grant and an associate member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. Upcoming projects include Chagall in School by James Sherman (Grippo Stage Company) and Enough to Let the Light In by Paloma Nozicka (Teatro Vista). For more, visit georgetteverdin.com



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