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The Whale

The Whale by Samuel D. Hunter
Directed by Fred Sebulske

Characters: 3 women and 2 men, All Ethnicities
     "Charlie": 40's, morbidly obese gay man who is dying of congestive heart failure throughout the play. Well-educated literature professor with a dry sense of humor and kind heart. Deeply connected to his estranged daughter even though he has not seen her since she was two. Maintains an optimistic view in spite of his life’s circumstances.
*Please note that our makeup/prosthetic designer can work with an actor as low as 100 pounds. Size is not an issue for casting*
     "Liz": 40's, Charlie’s best friend. Working-class nurse who does not sugar coat her feelings or reactions. Fiercely protective of Charlie but also enables his destructive eating behavior. Ex-Mormon who is no longer a fan of the Church. Funny, warm and down to earth but has an angry reactive side that is sometimes difficult to control.
     "Elder Thomas": Late teens-20's, Mormon missionary who is desperate to help people and maintain his faith. Naïve and a bit lost, but he has his secrets.
     "Ellie": Mid/late teens-20's, Charlie’s daughter whom he hasn’t seen since she was a baby. Angry, lonely, intelligent teenager who keeps the world at bay with her sharp wit and uncompromising honesty.
     "Mary": 40's, Ellie’s mother and Charlie’s ex-wife, who has also not seen Charlie in 17 years. Alcoholic smoker who has had a rough life. Blue-collar worker who has made a lot of bad choices, but deep down still cares what happens to the people she loves.

Open Auditions: Saturday and Sunday, March 10-11, Noon-3pm (must be checked in by 1:30)
Location: 2nd floor of the Spectrum Theater at 160 Fountain NE.

Performance Dates: April 19-22, 26-28

Audition Requirements: No headshots or resumés required, but encouraged. Scripts and/or sides will be made available at least one month prior to auditions. Email info@atgr.org for more information. Please be prepared to list any potential schedule conflicts throughout the rehearsal process.

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