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A Special Subscription Offer - Just For Students

We know that a night out can seem, at times, overwhelmingly expensive during your college years.  We also know that, even after graduation, the cost of those student loans can take a big bite out of your disposable income...   Introducing the Collegiate Subscription to Actors' Theatre - a way to experience all the benefits of subscription (including avoiding RUSH lines and sold-out performances) while still keeping your budget in line!  

Payable in a one-time payment of $75 per subscription, or in 12 equal payments of $6.25, this subscription is available only to those 27 years of age and under who can present proof in the form of a current student ID or, alternately, a copy of a current student loan statement.  Download the form below or call(616) 234-3968 to take advantage of this special offer!


Subscriptions include a flexible block of tickets, which can be used in any combination throughout the 2014-2015.

Season subscribers receive the following benefits:

Choose your savings and experience live theatre as only Actors’ brings it to you: fresh, fun, and with no apologies!  Download the Collegiate Subscription Form here.